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The SinEo Platform Community aims to provide a prosperous living environment

for future generations of mankind ​​by improving the quality of life based on mental culture.
​We also aim to maximize the synergy effect by converging and harmonizing each other based on

'loose Coupling' between various fields beyond technology, industry, art, literature, music and so on.

SinEo Blockchain is the world's first coin
by Biometric Signal-recognition Technology (BST)
Whitepaper SinEo Coin (EN)




(Biometric Signal-recognition Technology)
A SinEo Coin is determined by a distributed application DAPP operating on a block chain network, developed by the Java Script language in a Solidity Borwser environment, and constructed by a 'Smart contract' Is an independent, scalable, and interoperable chain network, demonstrating that it is a platform for decentralization.

 A user who wants to participate in a SinEo coin first recognizes a part of his or her body using a bio-signal recognition terminal, and the unique information discriminated by the bio-signal recognition terminal is divided into IDs to generate a wallet It is registered in conjunction with the Smart Coin. 

How ​to use
 We are building an environment for organic cooperation among participating industries through the activation of transactions such as the amount of tokens, transactions and exchanges by using identity information​​.​​​​

About SinEo Blockchain Paltform

 As the title of 'SinEo Global Future Technology and Cultural Platform', ​​​​​​​
we are proud to be a great pride of mankind 's creativity
by the various latest technologies that have been achieved over the years,

 This would be the only solution for Singularity,

which is the inflection point of humanoid robot beyond artificial intelligence.

This community has presented the objective achievements of many new technologies, new industries creation and spiritual culture fostering through offline meetings held over many years. In order to present the organic connection among the members more flexibly based on this objective, We present concrete plan.​​​​​​​​​​

Through these community activities, we can help you find and implement ideas that can be undervalued or not implemented.
In addition, we actively promote the intellectual property rights of ideas implemented by members' collaborations, and assure that the intellectual property rights acquired are favored by members participating in the platform ecosystem.

The IPs registered in the platform are determined by the community participating members. Since the flow of unproven contents can be a consuming factor for the platform operation, the activity of the initial participating members is graded,

We are committed to maintaining and stabilizing a sound platform by registering only as members.

Currently Applied Projects



Advanced Hologram technology​​​​​

Health care


​​Sound customize App is a technology that represents a big part of the music field with growing interest in culture and the arts.
Person who has no sense of rhythm(Beat and pitch) or tone-deaf requires advanced technology such as frequency analysis, which is a typical signal processing technology that requires accurate analysis of user's behavior.
If users use App to perform many acts like games, they will provide incentives through Airdrop depending on their contribution.
The incentives provided can be used as cash in an offline karaoke or other affiliated organization.
It is widely applicable to the rapidly growing health care field.
It is possible to control respiratory volume, temperature and humidity in conjunction with a functional sports mask, thus preventing various respiratory diseases such as asthma.​
Prevention of accidents caused by customized real-time risk detection alarm system by applying Biometric Signal recognition Technology  to main artery position rather than non-constant vein flow for people with pollen allergy and fine dust and respiration related risks It is possible to manage data on diseases by themselves.​​​​​​​​​
The E-Sport field participating in this platform is a good example of new technology such as hologram and computer interaction field, which has been broken down through the convergence of the boundaries of the game sector which was divided into arcade and online.
Interlocking the game boundaries with Hurumon Online enabled recruiting SinEo coins, which enabled users to provide incentives through Airdrop, depending on the contribution of the game..
In addition, adopting the hologram technology that has escaped the limitation of the existing game has become a proposal of the new display method, and it is attracting attention as the technology that maximizes the immersion feeling and the real feeling of the game.



Sound Customize App​​​​

Asthma Risk Detection ​​​​


July 2018

2013 SinEo Global Future Technology Culture (Intellectual Property Rights Research Association) Started offline activities with SNS such as Facebook and KakaoTalk
Completion of US patents on biological signals Completion of world patent (PCT)

August 2018

Development of coin block chain coin for fusion of technology and contents development / creation / compatibility
Completion of development of sound and customizer app (using patented technology and 60,000 sound files)   

January 2018


End of April 2019

Upgraded bio-signal application patent Completed Korean patent application and promoted world patent (PCT)
Development of bio-signal product module completed
Prototype for Biosignal analysis developed and tested in-house

2020 Q3

2019 Q4

October 2019

2020 Q1

Expand into the healthcare market
Expand the platform
into US Market
Domestic development Commercialized e-sports content and hardware to advance into overseas market (patent registered technology)


Establish the global currency
usage across the existing platform

December 2018

Promoting fusion of bio-signal technology and block-chain technology
SinEo Block Chain Coin
Completed and published development

End of February 2019

2020 Q2

Biometrics sensor mass production ready   


 Patikle Inc.
-Project: World’s First Biosignal Blockchain Platform-
Lighting Science Group Corporation
Electrical Engineer
-Project: V.O.C Application on LED Devices-
Georgia Institute of Technology
Graduate Researcher
-Project: Swarm Application on mobile UAV-
Project Development Manager
-Project: Echo-
Project Development Coordinator
-Project: Google Fiber-
MIT Sloan School of Management
Certification, Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application
Taeyup, Kim

SinEo Team Member

Namwoo, Kim
Seokkea, Kim
Patent Office examiner
Patent Trial & appeal board judge
Patent Court technical examiner
Supreme Court Patent Inspector
Advisory Committee of National Intellectual Property

2012 ~ 2016 Dongseo Univ. Research Professor
 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2018 Silver Medal
 His research interests include computer aided geometric design, computer graphics, and computer vision.

Heungsang, Yoo
Changhee, Lee
2012~Present - Adjunct Professor of graduate school of management of technology at Pukyong National University
․1996~Present  - Intown Co., Ltd CEO
Present - Incon Co., Ltd Management Adviser
Present – Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) Adviser

․1983~1985 DAELIM INDUS
(control measurement engineering Graduated)

Negotiated over $1 Billion in Business Contracts to date in a career of legal and business representation including commercial loan agreements, merger and acquisitions, real estate purchase agreements, leases, construction contracts, technology and license agreements, franchise agreements, and employment agreements.
In-House General Counsel for a Las Vegas Developer-9 years-included financial transactions with international banks
Flangas McMillan Law Group Managing Partner-12 years-formed several hundred entities, drafted and closed over 20 private equity offering memoranda
Lighting Science Group - Contract Administrator for photonic laser mosquito abatement Joint Venture with the Gates Foundation
NevadaState Bar Association - served on Disciplinary (9 years) and Character and Fitness (4 years) Committees

Chairman North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

Taelim, Kim
Jinhong, Song
John McMillan
CEO, Hanil Construction Co., Ltd.
Standing Committee Member of Gimhae Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vice Chairman, General Association of Architectural Engineering, Dong-A University
Management Innovation Small & Medium Business 
.2002~present  CEO,  NAROO CEM Co., Ltd.
.2000~2001 Nate System Director
Pioneered the  functional mask field
Established remote export marketing platform

Product design & Design management

Prominent International businessman, entrepreneur, and inventor.
Has established technology companies and sales subsidiaries and negotiated with local and national officials on four continents.
In the last 20 years has acquired or opened organizations in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, China, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Mexico and the United States.
Frequent public speaker at national and global conferences and international political events including those hosted by the White House and United Nations.Has consulted with several NGOs on policy and technology development.Has sat on several publicly listed and private corporate boards.
A prolific inventor with 195 US patents and about an equal number of international patents.Held key roles on the development teams for several sound systems including Onkyo andLucasArts THX, which resulyed in hundreds of products and about $1.4B in sales.
​Fred Maxik:

Taewook, Kang
Wonjae, Jang
Fredric Maxik
․2017~present Chairman of Social Cooperative Association Gimhae Culture Network
․2014~present CEO of MA Site Inc.

2009~present R&D Center, Hiairkorea(Managing Director)
2008-2009 Parts and Materials Lab, Pusan Technopark
1987-2008 Air-conditioning Research Lab, LG Electronics

Dr. Dave E Bartine
Jungsik, Im
Kyeakwang, LEE
Career in Applied R&D
- new product research, development ; prototype design, manufacturing and testing

 Oak Ridge National Lab

- Advanced Nuclear Reactor R&D
- Reactor physics and shielding, reactor system design and development, technical lead for

   international collaboration
- Led R&D for special requirements for DOE, Navy, Army, SDI (“StarWars”)

- Grew to $100M/year, 300 scientists & engineers
- Served on “Stafford Panel” to plan Moon-Mars Exploration Program, specialty space nuclear power
- Participated in evaluating and documenting all technology needs

.GLBIO Co., Ltd. CEO
․GL Life Science Institute Director
․HANKIL Professional Institute Director
․Previous MICROAUM Co., Ltd. Vice President
․Previous POWER ENERGY Co., Ltd Joint representative

.2011~present SungJin Techwin Co., Ltd. (CEO)
․2017~present Defense Biz Club, Daejeon (Chairman)
․2003~present Joint venture ESI Co., Ltd.
(Joint Representative Director)

Yeounhwi, Yun
Heesuk, Bang
.2016~Present Antique Shop Representation, poetry diseur, Tea Woman
.2016~Present Director of the Gaya Tea Woman Association​​

2018~present Representative of Milky and Friends Offline Shop
2019~present Representative of Pocket Dream Online Shop
2008~present Milky and friends Original character Pocket Dream Online shop representative

Junoh, Park
Jeungah, Cho
2010~present Gobag CEO
2008~2010 agcles paris CEO

2017~present, CEO of The Heart Jump Co., Ltd.
2015~present, Director of the Prenatal Education Music Institute in 'Agamajung'
2010~present, Director of Immigration Interpreter

Jeonghwa, Yang
Yungjae, Kim


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Designer, artist
Dain (Yurandain) Tea Woman

Prospecs Designer

Sungwoo DNC Co., Ltd. CEO


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